6 Easy Ways to Clean Your Sofa

To maintain the cleanliness of the couch, one of the ways that often do is clean it. The sofa needs to look clean because often the seat for your child or guest. You certainly do not want a dusty couch because it will look dull and unattractive. Cleaning the sofa is a thing you should do if you love the beauty and comfort. There are several ways to clean the couch and here's how.

  1. Most sofas have cushions and for that you must remove it first. Remove with caution because it is very risky damaged and if you pull too hard, you'll make sofas become damaged.
  2. The second step is to clean dust and dirt. You can do this with a vacuum cleaner or a cleaning cloth. If you have a vacuum cleaner, attach the brush attachment because it can be maximally on the furniture, especially sofas. Make sure you clean the area in between the couch to get maximum results.
  3. The next step is to wash the sofa and you'd better bring the sofa out of the room. You can wash using regular detergent or if you have any special cleaning the couch, use it. Special cleaner has been formulated with the well so that it can clean a sofa without destroying it. In the use of detergent, use sufficiently and mixed with water. Stir the mixture of detergent and water until frothy.
  4. Before you start washing, apply a little foam on a small section at the couch and let a few moments to dry. Notice if there are changes in color. Make sure that the foam did not change the original color of the couch and if you are already convinced, you can begin to safely wash your couch.
  5. Rub gently on all parts of the couch, especially on the narrow which usually difficult to clean. Allow some time to let the foam is absorbed and this will make the dirt more easily removed. After that, gently rub the dirt and dust so all is lost completely.
  6. After removing dirt, use a damp cloth to remove the residual soaps. Continue to dry and you can hang or use a hair dryer. If you are drying the couch, do not hang under direct sunlight because it can create a fade color.

If you still get the dirty sofa, that's the sign that you still need to be cleaned couch. You may be able to hire professionals to clean your furniture. Clean sofa would look like a new couch and this can be done for all your furniture.